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A young child sitting in an activity chair with a tray. They are placing a ring on a stacking toy with an adult hand holding theirs.


Developmental Educators are allied health professionals dedicated to fostering empowerment, social inclusion and quality of life for people with disability and their families. As multi-disciplinary disability specialists, Developmental Educators often work with people who have neurological injuries, disabilities or differences. Developmental Educators are recognised by the South Australian government, SA Health, the NDIA, and are listed under their own support line in the NDIS pricing arrangements.

At Grow Paediatric Therapy, we work closely with families, service providers and other allied health professionals to: 

  • Provide play-based therapy supports to children and young people with disability

  • Help families, caregivers and individuals understand disability and the impact it will have on their lives

  • Promote the physical and emotional well-being of children and young people with disabilities

  • Facilitate self-advocacy and/or advocate on behalf of children and young people with disabilities

  • Provide referrals to other support services if required

Some Developmental Educators provide developmental and functional behavioural assessment, as well as developing and implementing positive behaviour support programs. We are happy to refer you to other fantastic and friendly Developmental Educators for these services.

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